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Christian P. Dick, Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Andreas Krause, Christian Polak,
"Qualification of Soft-Magnetic Shielding Materials Used in Inductive Wireless Power Transmission Systems",
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC 2015), Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 15-19 March 2015, pp. 2522-2526

In inductive wireless power transmission systems often soft-magnetic shielding is used to avoid lossy eddy currents being induced in electrically conducting components like batteries or ground layers of electronic circuits. Datasheet information on such shielding materials are often limited to magnetic permeability and sometimes exemplary loss information. Therefore, a Figure of Merit (FoM) is presented to qualify materials concerning both a) shielding against conducting components on the backside of the receiving coil and b) establishing a high mutual inductance of the transformer coils, resulting in higher system efficiencies.

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Setup for shielding measurements.

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