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Silvan Faßbender, Daniel Wittl, Janis Kaltschnee, Stefan Schroer, Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Cellular markets for distributed power grids: an exemplary study",
Presentation at 7th International Energy and Sustainability Conference 2018 (IESC 2018), Cologne, 17.-18. May 2018

Current electricity markets don't consider load limits of power grids. As a result, curtailment and redispatch measures take place and overpriced grid extension plans aim to mitigate the problem. In contrast, the approach of cellular power grids disassembles the traditional power grid into subnets which are called "cells". A cellular grid operation beneficially uses the distributed nature of renewable energy sources and improves the reliability by balancing supply and demand at the lowest possible grid level.
This paper goes further to examine the mechanisms of merit order based cellular markets for such a power grid. For each cell, a local merit order is defined. According to the physical connection, the merit orders are linked to each other and controlled by optional transmission fees. This concept is exemplary explored in a Python simulation of a grid-tied two-level cellular micro grid.
Different scenarios are represented by changing the technically feasible transmission capacities and possible transmission fees between grid cells as well as the energy price provided by the superior grid. For every scenario a cascade of inferior market equilibriums is calculated and iterated until a superior market equilibrium is found. Finally, the findings and advices for further investigations are discussed.


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> Cellular Grids

Each Cell has its own market clearing price.

E.Waffenschmidt, 14.Aug.2018