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M.J. Mokarram, M. Nayeripour, T. Niknam, E. Waffenschmidt,
"Multi Area Economic Dispatch Considering Generation Uncertainty",
7th International Energy and Sustainability Conference 2018 (IESC 2018), Cologne, 17.-18. May 2018

Multi area economic dispatch (MAED) problems are one of the important issues in operation management of modern electric power systems with the distributed geographically areas. In this case, preserving power network information plays an important role in the MAED problem which should be taken into consideration in this possess.
For this purpose, a new hierarchal process is used in such a way that the load is supplied while the information security is preserved. In addition, the effect of wind turbines (WTs) uncertainty is studied to simulate real scenarios. Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) technique is used to consider the effect of uncertainty in the MAED problems. Finally, the JAYA algorithm is utilized to find the optimal solution of the MAED problems.


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> Cellular Grids

Four areas are connected together through six tie-lines as exemplary topology.

E.Waffenschmidt, 14.Aug.2018