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Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Decentralized measurements of the grid state",
Presentation at 7th International Energy and Sustainability Conference 2018 (IESC 2018), Cologne, 17.-18. May 2018

At a certain level of renewable energy penetration this also requires a decentralized grid control. As a possible option, grid connected devices could be able to detect the state of the power grid by measuring physical parameters at their point of connection. They would then be able to react on such information with a suitable reaction. No data connection would be necessary.
The grid voltage gives information about the grid state at this point and the grid frequency informs about the state of the total grid. However, neither information about the grid state in the region, nor about the neighbourhood can be obtained. This contribution shows options for further measurements at the point of connection. As one option, the measurement of the grid impedance can give an indication about the load state of the grid branch in the vicinity of the connected device. First approaches for related measurements and their results are discussed in this presentation.


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Switching and measuring principle: Voltage at connection point.

E.Waffenschmidt, 30.Mai 2018