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Ashton Walker,
"Mitigating Safety Concerns with Plug and Play PV Systems for the German Market",
Masterproject, TH-Köln, 27. Feb. 2019.

The draft standard for Plug and Play PV for Germany, released in 2018, potentially requires the engagement of an electrician to install these systems. This paper presents technological solutions to mitigate two safety concerns in this standard to enable Plug and Play PV to be installed without an electrician to standard. The first solution adopts a 600W feed-in limit to prevent overloading cables and thus a fire risk. The second solution proposes the use of an adaptor to enable the self-installation of a touch-proof socket. When combined these technological solutions create a possible path for users to ”Plug and Play” their Plug and Play PV system.


> Plug-in-PV

Critical load situation with Plug-in-PV in a household.

E.Waffenschmidt, 16. Juni 2019